A Week in a Villa in Portugal

Sunday, 30 April 2017

What's better than going on holiday to a sunny destination? Going to your own personal house with more amenities than you can shake a stick at. I'm talking a villa, baby. That's exactly where my family and I went to at the beginning of April for a week. We went to the villa, Villa Das Laranjeiras which in Portuguese translates to 'the 'Orange House' and let me tell you, there were plenty of orange trees around the house. Orange trees, kumquat trees, grapes growing and acorns a-falling. Didn't I say that there were plenty of amenities? Homegrown breakfast, y'all.

Dogs Improve Everything

Friday, 28 April 2017

I love my dogs. I love my dogs. I love my dogs. Did I mention that I love my dogs? In case you missed it. . . I love my dogs. With May being National Dog Month, I thought that I would share more about my favourite little fur babies, Millie and Toby

I have previously talked about my fur-babies in this post where I talk about their breed and how we got them. Long story short; they're Border-Collie-Springer-Spaniel crosses and they were free to good homes and we haven't looked back since. They have brought so much joy to this house.

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner

Monday, 20 February 2017

I'm not usually one to review a lot of makeup here on my blog. I write about favourites and why I like something yet I've rarely sat down and wrote about something that I didn't like. The times are a'changing folks because that's exactly what I'm here to do today. 

I'm partial to a good ole nosy around Debenhams when in Castlecourt, Belfast. I'm either using Debenhams as a scenic route for going back to the car, to the bathroom, or to Starbucks. The fact that the Urban Decay stand is right in front of the escalator to the upper level is a fortuitous coincidence. 

Naturally, I like to peruse the beauty department of Debenhams and usually find myself at MAC or Urban Decay (mostly Urban Decay). My hand always end up with a swatch (or eight) and for the past three times, a swatch of the Urban Decay Razor Sharp liquid eyeliners was featured. Particularly, Goldrush which was the gold liquid liner. I hummed and ha'ed about getting it. I have been looking for a good gold eyeliner because gold features heavily in a number of makeup looks that I've done and want to do in the future. I can't keep butchering a L'Oreal eyeshadow. I just can't. A little bit of my soul dies every time. 

So, back to the actual point of this post.

I bought the eyeliner in Goldrush and dozens of looks instantly came into my head.

Nothing in the 'verse was going to stop me.

I had such high hopes because it swatched beautifully on my hand. It was like pure gold on my skin. When I actually used it, I was incredibly disappointed. The pigmentation wasn't what I expected it to be. I had to go over every line repeatedly. Then as the seconds went on and I had to dip the brush back into the tube, it came out white. White! It was as if the liquid inside the tube had separated. I had to shake it over and over again between each use of the wand. 

Who wants to do that when applying eyeliner? Especially with that price tag?

It may be because I had it stored on its side but now it is being stored upright and I'm hoping that that helps because otherwise, I'm going to be furious.

After having that little epiphany above of keeping the eyeliner upright, I took it with me to Manchester to use as part of my Manchester United match makeup. I kept it upright before going and then when in the hotel room before using it. It applied better with it being upright than when stored on its side. I didn't have to shake it as much (paranoia made me shake it a couple of times, though), there wasn't a strange white fluid in it. It was completely golden on the brush. It applied beautifully. I didn't have to wait for the gold to come through as the liquid set to gold (does that make sense?). I did, however, go over the top of it with a gold kohl eyeliner from NYX and that amped up the gold payout immensely. I was in love with the combination.

Let's end on a good note. The packagaing is gorgeous. I love the gun-metal style finish to it and that the handle is the colour of the liner. Bonus. It saves me having to look at the bottoms of all of my eyeliners. The handle is easy to use too. I didn't think it would be because I love to hold my eyeliner as if I were using a pencil. My hand has to be near the tip of the liner. To each their own, you know. The top is a long tube and then the wand is long with a brush tip. With that brush tip, I would have preferred to hold it closer, like a paint brush. Surprisingly it was very easy to hold and to manipulate and control. Two thumbs up. (One thumb for the packaging and one thumb for the control element). 

Have you tried any of the Urban Decay Razor Sharp liquid eyeliners? What are your thoughts on them?

TUTORIAL || Avril Lavigne Smokey Eye Inspired Makeup Look

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

I have been a fan of Avril Lavigne since 'Complicated' came out. I was obsessed. I even had a skateboard. I'm not even kidding. With this week's tutorial, I thought that I would do a little throwback tutorial and do an Avril Lavigne inspired smokey eye. I loved the signature Avril smokey eye. LOVED IT! If there was ever a moment when I thought an interest in makeup would have attached itself to me, it would have been back then. Alas, it didn't do that. But now that I know a lot more than I used to, it's time to tackle the Avril smokey eye look.

Plus, it's not all that complicated. Ha. I had to do it, sorry.

TUTORIAL || Anna Kendrick [Glamour Magazine] Inspired Makeup Look

Friday, 27 January 2017

The second that I saw Anna Kendrick's makeup on the cover on Glamour's most recent issue, I knew that I wanted to recreate the look. I loved the purple smokey eye with the shimmering lower lashline, the pink cheeks and the blush nude lips.

I just had to recreate it as only I can (*cough*attempt*cough*) 

This is actually the second attempt at filming this look. When I was editing the original footage, the vast majority of the footage was out of focus. My auto-focus was going hay-wire. I had no idea what was wrong with it or what it thought it was doing. I hated it and was not happy with it at all. The only thing to do was to film it again. It's still not great but it was an incredible improvement. I'll be thankful for small miracles.

I hope you like it. Huge girl crush on Anna Kendrick.

TUTORIAL || BB-8 [Star Wars] Inspired Makeup Look

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Would you believe that this look was inspired by a cushion? For my birthday, my best-friend commissioned a custom-made BB-8 cushion. It takes pride of place on my bed. I was just sitting in my room during the week, struggling to get inspired for a makeup look and my eyes settled on the cushion and hey presto! 

I love how this look turned out and how it evolved as I worked on it. Those are my favourites looks; the ones where I start off with an idea in my head and then develop it as I go along. Those are the best. I hope you like the look as much as I do. 

TUTORIAL || Star Trek 'Gold Shirt' Steampunk-Ish Inspired Makeup Look

Friday, 13 January 2017

I wouldn't be me without some post or makeup look being connected to Star Trek in some way or another. This look was largely inspired by the Gold Shirt, particularly, the black jumpsuit with the gold shoulders in the TNG/VOY era. 

I was inspired to create this look after biting the bullet and purchasing one of the Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner - namely the eyeliner in 'Goldrush'.

After swatching it several times, and building up my excitement at using such gorgeous gold goodness, I was bitterly disappointed with it in full action. I will probably reserve all of my thoughts on this product for another post. Needless to say, the consistancy of this eyeliner resulted in it transferring to my crease, thus turning a relatively simple look into something steampunk-esque. 

Perhaps I should do a Steampunk Star Trek series.... what do you think?

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